VetPropulsion – accelerating Military Veterans toward career readiness and meaningful employment – providing the Right Fit Faster!


The Challenge for US Military Veterans today is finding meaningful employment within a reasonable time.  If you are asking yourself any of these questions, then VetPropulsion is the answer!

  • Are you frustrated, struggling and disillusioned by not finding the right career in a reasonable time?
  • Do you have excellent skills developed in you service to our country, but having a hard time translating them to civilian life?
  • Are you disappointed with the help and service you are receiving from government programs/organizations?
  • Are you having difficulty trying to figure out what you want to do?
  • Are you running out of time to able to support you and your family?
  • Do you have a structured, systematic job or career search plan?
  • Do you know how to “sell” yourself? Do you have a personal brand statement? Do you know what your strengths and weaknesses are?
  • Do you have the most competitive resume possible?
  • Do you know that  doing “Informational Interviews” and research leads to employment at least 20% faster than people who don’t?
  • Do you know how to develop your personal brand, optimize your LinkedIn profile and to use the internet, social media and traditional methods for your career search?

VetPropulsion is The Solution for Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Life and Finding the Right Career or Job.

VetPropulsion is a strategic Veterans Career Search Development Course that provides you, the veteran, with a proven, structured, system designed to eliminate the “guess-work” in choosing a career path. Our process directs participants in the selection of potential suitable careers and/or the right educational curriculum the first time, and it provides a clear career-search path designed to help you find the perfect job in the fastest most efficient way possible.

By guiding you, the veteran, along a purposely designed, focused and structured path, which places the responsibility for success with each participant, you will learn how to navigate the military to civilian transition, develop invaluable information about your personality, passions, and skillsets. We will also show you how to navigate the career search process in today’s competitive job market, leading you to find the right career fit or employment. VetPropulsion, designed, developed and offered by Colorow Consulting, Inc., deals with real-world challenges and expectations in today’s job market, and provides a supportive environment in which to research, develop and implement a successful career search utilizing the Veterans Career Transition Management System™ Toolkit and the Birkman Method™ Personality Assessment.

VetPropulsion, designed and developed by veterans, for veterans, is offered by Colorow Consulting, Inc. Our course not only deals with real-world challenges and expectations in today’s job market, but also provides a supportive environment (accountability, structure, team), in which to research, develop and implement a successful career search.  By utilizing the Veterans Career Transition Management System™, and the Birkman Method™ Personality Assessment, you will find your “Right Fit Faster.”

The Right Fit Faster: Find your ideal job and career faster!

VetPropulsion is designed specifically to help you, the veteran job seeker, find the right career faster. Rather than experiencing the frustrations of bumping around from one meaningless job to the next we will help you to define your goals and find the job or career that best fits your personality and skills. Our participants have shown an astonishing  more than 70% employment rate after completing our course!

I developed the tools needed for re-entry into the employed world in this day and age. The skills and materials, along with participation on every level by fellow classmates will stay with me for a lifetime.” — RP  

Taught and facilitated by industry experts, including veterans, our six-week, 48-hour course, or our 20-hour course (job search on steroids) are taught in small group settings, and engage students in a variety of methods and exercises, where they are required to implement the organizational system and strategic career search techniques into practical, positive results.

 Five Critical Components of our VetPropulsion Program will ensure your success:

  1. The Birkman Method® Personality Assessment - The first critical component for each individual’s success is the use of the highly acclaimed, Birkman Method® Personality Assessment.* Click here for more on The Birkman Method.
  2. We help you develop your Personal Brand and Strategic Career Search Marketing Plan - With a step-by- step process, we show you how to develop a strategic foundation and plan with continuity for your entire career search process. You will develop your personal brand, identify goals, learn time and data management, and implement a path to career/employment success.
  3. The Power of the Team – The course provides support for each veteran participant, and the power of the “team” has been shown to greatly increase success rates. You will have support from not only the instructors/coaches, but also develop a support network with fellow classmates and colleagues for your career search.
  4. Transition of Military Life to Civilian – We address the difficulty of transitioning from military life into civilian life. VetPropulsion will translate military terminology to civilian, and each class is designed with interactive discussions and lessons where the students will build camaraderie and support through teamwork. It also provides individualized attention and feedback for each participant’s goals, life aspirations, career choice options, and career search process.
  5. Learn to use the internet, social media and networking effectively in your job search. Searching for a job on the internet can be overwhelming. In our VetPropulsion course  we teach you how to navigate the internet effectively including the development of your personal brand online, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and networking through social media and other online and traditional avenues.

What is the Cost?

Save valuable time and money in your career search.  Our intensive three-week*, 36-hour course is only $1,799.

Sign up Now! 

If you would like to sign up now, please go to our Purchase Page.  If you would like more information, or to license the program, please go to the Request More Information link at the top of the page. (* Our 36-hour course can also be completed in four weeks, dependent on class needs.)

Train The Trainer – Offer VetPropulsion® at your school or organization: 

VetPropulsion Training Programs© are designed for the experienced instructor who is dedicated to helping people grow, develop, and advance their career search life skills.

Community Colleges are finding VetPropulsion to be a valuable part of their curriculum. Other organizations who have found or might find Train the Trainer Program valuable are Work Force Centers, WIA Workforce, VA Vet programs, and many others.

The Veterans Career Transition Management System© is key to the success of participants. Its structured, straightforward approach to Career Search/Transition has proved to be extremely effective and motivational.

When utilized as a “core” course for all incoming students the courses provide a solid foundation and track for each individual’s life journey. Enhanced by the Birkman Method® which provides scientific data with accurate probability of success for each student in a given “Job Family”, The VetPropulsion courses utilize proven techniques, data and innovative instruction methods for creating enthusiasm, motivation, and continued focus for a successful career search.  The courses go beyond just getting the next “job.” They provide each student with the knowledge necessary in the selection of a solid career path for the present and into the future.

If you would like to offer VetPropulsion® on your campus or at your school, please contact Colorow Consulting at 303.526.2156.  VetPropulsion is eligible for GI Bill funding if offered as a credit course.  VetPropulsion is also available for licensing. 



*“More than 1,000 graduate students have taken the Birkman Method since the Moore School of Business began using the assessment in 2001. As a result, the Moore School placement rate for graduates (within 90 days after graduation) has increased from 45 percent to 88 percent. Employers report that students who have graduated since the school implemented the Birkman Method are “more focused” and “know what they want.” Academic Applications of the Birkman Method in Colleges and Universities.[1]