Career Seekers and Veterans: As part of our courses, the Career Transition Management System, CTMS© will help you find the work you want. 

The CTMS is a comprehensive and unique system that will enable you to plan, develop and manage your job search program. It includes the advice, ideas and suggestions found in job hunting books, yet goes far beyond them to include these invaluable benefits that allow you to:

  • Establish your goalsThe Kit
  • Organize your program
  • Assess your skills and accomplishments
  • Write a winning resume and select the best references
  • Start the job search process
  • If you’re a Vet, you will learn your rights and be provided resources to help you transition to a civilian career
  • Develop a networking strategy to support your job search
  • Research the best resources and recruiters to assist in your job search
  • Strategically market yourself
  • Use the internet effectively to expedite your job search
  • Write letters that will get you to the interview and beyond
  • Conduct successful interviews and follow-up

The system also includes materials to help you to systematically track your progress through the program and achieve successful telephone communications—a vital part of your job search process.

Make the right decisions and begin your new job!


INSTRUCTORS: how the Career Transition Management System will help you work effectively with your career seekers and veteran career seekers. 

Now, for the first time, the instructor has a comprehensive, step-by-step system for working strategically and tactically with career seekers, both civilian and veterans. The CTMS gives you the tools you need to allow your students to assume personal ownership and responsibility for their successful job search. It will be cohesive with your skills, and allows you to:

  • Provide structure for each job search project
  • Guide sequential activities effectively
  • Easily track student progress
  • Keep your students organized and on track
  • Build and maintain motivation
  • Work with your students to use social media effectively for the job search
  • Can also be effectively used to help those with PTSD or other disabilities. 

See your success rate with students rise within a shorter period of time!

Contents of the CTMS and VetCTMS System include:

  • JOBQUEST MANUAL – a step-by-step guide to successful resume, research, daily planning, telemarketing, interviewing and negotiating the offer.
  • DAILY PLANNERS – designed specifically for job hunters, they cover every area of search planning. A proven tool to keep the job search focused, on track and successful.
  • TELEPHONE & EMAIL MANUAL AND SCRIPTS – learn to use the telephone and email more effectively. Cut your search time by 75% and learn the techniques for getting the answers you need, when you need them.
  • PROGRESS SUMMARY CHART – enables your students to help keep track of your efforts and to identify weak points in your search process.
  • FORMS PACKAGE AND RESOURCES – contains all the critical forms needed for successful networking and information management. Includes a listing of important job hunting publications.