John C. Koontz

Vice President, Research and Development and Government Relations

John Koontz

John C. Koontz is a Vice President of Colorow Consulting Inc. focusing on Research & Development and Government Relations.  Along with Dennis and Judy Orr, he has played an instrumental role in the growth and development of the VetPropulsion and CareerPropulsion programs offered by Colorow Consulting Inc. as it transitions from a small management consulting business into a company leading the pack in the workforce development arena.  He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and over 12 years of experience in the workforce development arena including a deeply felt passion for assisting his fellow veterans and those men and women facing the daunting task of transitioning from today’s United States Armed Forces to the civilian world.

John was born and raised in Grand Junction, Colorado where he was raised as the oldest of four siblings including two younger sisters and a younger brother and amongst a large extended family.  Growing up in this environment instilled small town values and a strong sense of honor, integrity and desire to help not only family but others in your community.   After graduating from Grand Junction High School in 1988, he joined the United States Air Force.  John served on active duty for six and a half years as an Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist where he served in multiple countries including in support of Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm from December 1990 to May 1991 with the 10th Aircraft Maintenance Unit deployed from Hahn Air Base, Germany.  Throughout his continued service in the US Air Force, Airman Koontz was recognized on multiple occasions including having received recognition as an Honor Graduate from his Technical Training School, Airman of the Month and Airman of the Quarter and other various military awards.  In January 1995, John was separated from the United States Air Force with a service-connected disability.

While attending Mesa State College in his home town of Grand Junction, Colorado, John began working with the Veterans Employment and Training program in the Mesa County Workforce Center through the Department of Veteran Affair’s VA Work Study program in 1998.  After working as a full-time volunteer and paid intern for nearly five years, he was hired as a full-time Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) Specialist in the fall of 2003.  While working as both a DVOP and LVER at the Mesa County Workforce Center until 2008, he was professionally recognized for his outstanding work in case management and in establishing the first ever ‘Hire Vets First’ campaign in Western Colorado.  After taking a brief sabbatical to care for his ailing grandmother, John relocated to Golden, Colorado and worked as a DVOP with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment in the Jefferson County Workforce Center in Golden, Colorado until March 2012 where he was awarded the Global Career Development Facilitator certification in June 2011.

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