Colorow Consulting, Inc.

Right Action. Right Outcomes

Accelerating Individuals Towards Career Readiness & Meaningful Employment

With over 30 years of experience in career counseling, coaching and placement, Colorow Consulting, Inc. has developed the pre-eminent systems for finding your best career ever.  Our CareerPropulsion® family of  programs are comprehensive 21st Century courses that guide each individual, military veteran or teen along a focused, structured path placing responsibility for success with each participant. Our courses deal with real world objectives, expectations, and research and are designed as interactive discussions, building teamwork and camaraderie, and as individualized attention to each participant’s career and life aspirations.

CCI utilizes The Birkman Method® assessment as the tool with which to guide the direction of each individual participant on their way to success. Colorow Consulting Inc. is a team of dedicated professionals, led by Dennis Orr, a Senior Birkman Consultant, and Judy Orr, each with over 20 years experience in the Birkman Method®.

The Right Fit Faster

Our CareerPropulsion® programs are designed to help the job seeker find the right career in the fastest and most effective way, helping to avoid the stress of working in meaningless, unsatisfying jobs.  

Initial courses have had an amazing 70% entered-employment success rate!

Participants share that the insights and skills they learn in this program not only help to find their ideal career, but are actually life skills, that will be used a lifetime.  See what our student’s are saying.

The Propulsion Systems are built from 3 dynamic programs:

  • The Birkman Method Assessment
  • Career Transition Management System 
  • The Propulsion Career Search Manual
Organizational Development – The People Experts!

In addition to developing our CareerPropulsion family of courses, we have 30 years of experience helping organizations in the development of their most import an asset – People!  

Our organizational consulting services will enable a positive impact on the organization by utilizing the process of Strategic Human Capital Effectiveness in the areas of: 

  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring
  • High Performance Team Building & Development
  • Strategic Planning & Development
  • Profiling for Optimum Performance
  • Listening & Communication Skills Development
  • Key Candidate Assessment
  • Succession Planning
  • Conflict Resolution/Conflict Management
  • Culture Shaping
  • Career & Transition Management Workshops & Consulting 
  • Executive & Group Outplacement Services
  • Meeting / Retreat Facilitation

Please let us know if you would like more information on Organizational Consulting or visit our Colorow Consulting Website.