Accelerating Individuals towards Career Readiness & Meaningful Employment

Are you working in a meaningless, unfulfilling job that does not align with your passion or purpose? The Challenge and Frustration for many people today is that they are working in a “JOB”,  not thriving in their Ideal Career. They endlessly struggle, wasting valuable time because they don’t know how to accelerate or optimize their career search, becoming frustrated and discouraged, often jumping from one job to another in search of the right fit.

If you are ready to find your perfect career – one that provides meaning, fulfillment, passion and success, there is a new way…our CareerPropulsion courses provide the cutting-edge Solution! 

The Right Career Faster

CareerPropulsion®, a five-week, 36 hour course is designed specifically to help you, find the right career faster. Utilizing the Birkman Method™ assessment tool and feedback, we will help you to define your passions, goals, strengths and skill sets, and you will learn how to apply them to a career or career path that will be meaningful, providing fulfillment and success.  We will simplify your career/job search by showing you how to navigate today’s daunting career/job search market by breaking it down into a simple process, utilizing proven techniques.

These Critical Components of our CareerPropulsion® Program will ensure your success:

  • The Birkman Method® Personality Assessment - The first critical component for each individual’s success is the use of the highly acclaimed, Birkman Method® Personality Assessment.* Click here for more on The Birkman Method.
  • We help you develop your Personal Brand and Strategic Career Search Marketing Plan - With a step-by-step process, we show you how to develop a strategic foundation and plan with continuity for your entire career search process. You will develop your personal brand, identify goals, learn time and data management, and implement a path to career/employment success.
  • The Power of the Team – The course provides support for each participant, and the power of the “team” has been shown to greatly increase success rates. You will have support from not only the instructors but develop a support network with fellow classmates and colleagues for your career search.
  • Learn to use the Internet, the power of the “Informational Interview”, Social Media and Networking effectively in your job search. Searching for a job on the internet can be overwhelming, in CareerPropulsion, we teach you how to navigate today’s internet job search effectively, optimize your LinkedIn profile to be discovered, and how to network succesfully through social media, informational interviews, and other channels.

What is the Cost? 

Save valuable time and money in your career search. Our intensive three-week*, 36-hour course is only $1,799.

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* Our 36-hour course can also be completed in four weeks, dependent on class needs.