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We Help Career & Job Seekers, Military Veterans & Teens to Find Your Ideal Career!

Accelerate Your Career Search and Get Ready to Find the Right Career - Faster


The key to your success in life is to find meaningful employment that is aligned with your passions and purpose – not just another job. 

Our CareerPropulsion® courses provide the path for defining and finding your best matched career. 

We have developed the CareerPropulsion® line of courses including CareerPropulsion, TeenPropulsion, MillennialPropulsion, VetPropulsion, and our Federal Job Search all with the vision and goal of helping job and career seekers find meaningful employment in the fastest way possible.

We will help you to define your passions, goals, strengths and skill set utilizing the Birkman Method assessment including individual feedback and our proven methodology to guide you and to help you apply this insight to a career, or career path that will be meaningful, providing fulfillment and success. Through the course, we will help you to navigate the daunting career search market breaking it down with a simple, proven process for success.   


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a customized version for everyone

career-propulsion-logoLet us help you find the best career for you.  With this course, and the Birkman Method personality assessment, we will help you identify careers that best fit your personality, passion and skill set.  We simplify the job search by showing you how to navigate today’s job market utilizing LinkedIn and other Social Media Networking tools, and we provide valuable leadership and peer support during your process.  The direction and skills learned in our courses will help you for a lifetime.  You will clearly define who you are, and develop your goals and personal brand.  

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a customized version for teens


The Gateway to your Teen’s Future. Find out more about how to we can help to get your teen on the Right Track before they make their important college, major, or career choices.  

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a customized version for veterans


We help US Military Veterans find meaningful employment.  Find out more about how you can transition from the Military life to civilian and find the Right Fit Faster!  

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